What a day!!! Today was an even better than expected first day at the EcoVillage in Market Harborough. No wonder this place attracts so many people. The main room is full of gorgeous greenery that is not just for looks but also for sale, and don’t worry if you’re a novice like me, you will leave there with far more plant knowledge than you arrived. Friendly members of staff are on hand throughout the store, & there is a wide array of sustainable, re-usable & edible items to purchase for adults & kids. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new customers and had almost a sell out of our delicious, wholesome traybakes! Today the vegan & gluten free raspberry chocolate drip cake topped with our bountiful raspberry brownie pieces & Butterwick Cakes vegan macarons proved very popular, but unfortunately the heat & excitement proved too much for the remaining pieces who decided to fall over on my way home, leaving none to return with tomorrow…! Luckily I have made a large variety of delicious traybake slices so there will still be heaps to chose from : )